Blockbuster, the clock is ticking

BlockbusterIt has been since my post about my wonderful experience at Blockbuster video.

I’ll update when I hear something back from them. (If you don’t see any numbers, then your Java is disabled.)

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  1. I’ll cue the Jeopardy theme. Wonder if they’ll respond and – how long it will take them.

    Hey, if ever there was a great post to comment on – your praise of their company is it.

    However, they could be missing the boat and getting a reputation for *not* monitoring online communication with the clock now running. Certainly they aren’t the only companies not tracking (or responding), but doesn’t Blockbuster want to be online savvy? Their “Total Access Online. Over 70,000 titles.” campaign may just be total access to the product … not the company or employees.

  2. I work at Blockbuster. What do you want us to do,pay you or something for the blog post? That would be flogging! Geez.

  3. Get it ranked in the top 5 searches for Blockbuster, and they’d be in touch.


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