Well, I was checking out the story on the Great Facebook Betrayal, when I happened upon a little nugget nestled below:

It is early days, but so far Facebook’s online community is not impressed at being sold out. Discussion groups have sprung up attacking the new ad strategy. One, “My photos are MINE! NOT Facebook’s! Change the Terms and Conditions”, has almost 35,000 members, while around 12,000 people have signed up to “Facebook: Do not sell my private pictures! Change your terms of use, NOW!”

Contrast that with the feeble 600 so-called “fans” that Coke has on its Facebook page. And Blockbuster, that US movie lending giant, has a whopping two “fans”.

Blockbuster has only two fans on Facebook?

As much as Blockbuster is trying to compete with the Netflix model, you’d think they would be more savvy with Social Media. For instance, they might have started monitoring the internet and blogs to see what people were saying about them. If they had done so, they might have noticed something very nice I wrote about them some ago.

If you want to track this down to the second, the clock is still running at the bottom of my sidebar. Should I be shocked they only have two fans on Facebook?
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  1. 1. Companies forget customer service is important.

    2. Yet another reason not to sign up for a Facebook account.