A Dime’s Difference

CitiIt’s been awhile since I bragged about anyone’s customer service. (And based on Blockbuster’s deaf ear to the blogosphere, it’s been even longer since anyone heard it.) So let me again shower praise where it is due, to the fine customer service folks over at Citibank.

After about a year of floating a small balance from month-to-month, the wife and I decided to go ahead and pay off the card. We called ahead to get the payoff amount, and sent the check. Imagine our surprise when we opened the statement that arrived in the mail today:

citibank statement

Due date: December 24
Total balance: $.10
Minimum due: $.10

That’s what it said. If we didn’t mail Citi a check for 10-cents, we’d incur a late charge of $35.00.

After a brief conversation with a customer service rep, our double-nickel debt was wiped clean. Our attendant realized the stupidity of our slapping a $.41 stamp on a envelope to pay a 10-penny fee (that likely was the result of a rounding error, or some other mathematical artifact of compounded interest.)

So, here’s to you, CitiBank! I know I don’t have a massive readership, and nor do I have the name of the customer service representative who actually served a customer’s interest… dimebut here’s to the best spent 10 cents your shareholders will never miss. I hope that somehow, some way, you’re monitoring what people say about the job you do.

A dime’s worth of difference. Indeed.

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  1. Bravo! Makes me want to give you a quarter.


  2. Nice to see someone out here highlight a positive story. Kudos Ike!

  3. Makes me glad that I have a citibank card…your story gives me hope in case I ever run into an issue, which one day I will.

  4. Wish I could say the same. I’ve been a Citibank customer since 1986, yet I just got screwed on a new HELOC. A representative solicited us to replace our HELOC at the bank with a new HELOC carrying a higher limit (remember: both HELOCs at Citibank). She assured us repeatedly there would be no cost to do this. About a month after establishing the new HELOC, the bank sent us a statement showing an early termination fee of $1,085 for the old HELOC. I believe the bank violated TILA, RESPA and FDIC policy statement 500. Nice! Time to close my accounts.