Speed Kills

During one of my recent travels, I missed out on one of those magic parenting moments. My wife told me about it later, and it cracks me up.

My son had his toy dinosaurs all gathered together. The biggest one was laying on its side. Deceased. The others were huddled around, ready to eat. And before they started, they sang. (Actually, my son was singing for them, the Blessing Song, which sounds suspiciously like Frere Jacque.)

{{caption|right|204|Re-enactment|http://occamsrazr.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/ryan-and-dinos.jpg}}God our Father,
God our Father,
We thank you,
For our food.
Bless it to our bodies,
Bless it to our bodies,
A-men, A-men.

While I’m not sure what sort of table manners the dinosaurs indeed had, my son did get one thing right: the quick and nimble survive, while the slow and lumbering become lunch.

{{caption|left|400|No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this picture|http://occamsrazr.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/dino-lunch.jpg}}

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  1. Randy Steinman says:

    Too bad for the dinosaurs that your son wasn’t around 65-million years ago.

    Had he prayed with them back then, chances are they would never have gone extinct.

    Unfortunate timing on the dinosaur’s part.

  2. Speaking of kids – when is Randy’s due?

  3. I love this!!

    I happened across this photo on the blog of a friend (who knows where he got it) and it made me laugh so much that I kept a copy.

    You’ll appreciate it, I’m sure – no doubt your son will grow up to!

    General Godzilla

  4. Hey Rachel…

    Latest word on the Future Crowned Prince of Canadian Broadcasting is a May 2nd arrival.

    And he is a boy. ALL boy to hear Randy tell it…

  5. “…the quick and nimble survive, while the slow and lumbering become lunch.”

    I guess it’s never to early to learn that lesson, is it Ike? It’s been 20+ years since mine were that age, but it’s nice to see the dinosaurs never go out of style!


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