Capitol Punishment

The is the first part of my Modest Proposals for Change. Change I can believe in.

Get Congress out of Washington.

Greater Washington is one of the most segregated, dysfunctional cities on the planet. Having our elected representatives spend the majority of their time in a toxic place cannot be good for their outlook. Even worse are those that cocoon themselves within the padded and happy bubble of private schools and swank surroundings. They go, they plug in, and they lose touch.

So let’s get them out of there.

Telecommute. Don’t Pollute.

If telecommuting is the wave of the future, let’s get our Federal government in front of that movement.

Let’s get them back to their home districts. Let them do video conferencing with their committees. Let them vote remotely, and have every vote electronically tabulated (no more voice-vote games). Let them eat breakfast with their constituents. Let them be more open and transparent, with more meetings available for people to peruse online.

Most importantly, let’s get them out of a cluster that is convenient for lobbyists. K-Street can only exist if there is in fact a street close enough to lobby all of them on the cheap. No lobbyists, no revolving doors, no secret huddles. Let them lobby in person by flying around the country, where they can be tracked. Let them lobby over the phone, where there are records that can be subpoenaed, and make those phone records public and searchable too.

We the People don’t trust our Congressmen as far as we can throw them. So let’s keep them close enough that we can throw them. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a better degree of representation. It would certainly cost less than what we have now.

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  1. What a sound idea, Ike!

  2. Oooh, I like this idea…..

  3. But dude, if we could make the legislature virtual, wouldn’t K Street quickly follow suit? On the bright side, maybe there’d be better documentation of who said what to whom.

  4. Welcome back, Paul!

    Bingo on the documentation. No closed backdoors in DC, and no revolving-door relationships. Paper trails, both real and virtual.

    It would also ensure that the aides and support staff would be locals too, rather than the quasi-professional “governing class” that exists on Capitol Hill today.

    If K-Street wants to follow them back out to 435 districts, let them come. Once the lobbyists start having to actually LIVE and WORK in the places their beggary affects, they might have a different perspective on the whole thing.

  5. I was in Reno last weekend and there was a upbeat advertisement congratulating one of our senators on all of the good work he has done for Nevada. For the life of me, I couldn’t recall anytime he had even visited in the past year, other than to campaign for the presidential nominee.

    That’s sad, because while I’m not a mover and a shaker around here, I would have at least thought I would have read about a townhall meeting or something to invite me to meet him or pat him on the back.

    I’m not sure he knows where Nevada is, being independent and all, because he’s too busy pushing an agenda in Washington.

    So yes, bring those boys and girls home. Give them a HotSpot account and let me join them at Starbucks for a casual sit down. Let me talk to them and look them in the eye. When the time comes, I promise not to bother them during a floor vote.

  6. I like this one, too. (Previous post on All Tax) Re: getting attention in current environment? Moving from Quixotic quest on both of these? Here’s an idea: Let’s do a Lexis search on a) our local reps, and b) Obama, etc . . . to see if we can find anything where they champion involving everyone paying taxes, and or the concept of telecommuting. . .. . . .then c) plan some media strategy to get an interviewer in front of them to pose the question. How? Not sure. There’s the petition idea. Or the celeb endorsement idea. (Maybe we could get, say Rush’s attention.) . . .What else? Will think on it.

  7. Devilishly clever idea.. will blog a follow up – this idea needs to be spread around.

  8. Telecommuting is a good idea… but I would not make it easy for them to congregate (with exceptions as may occur from time to time in an emergency). The easier we make it to pass laws, the more not passing laws will seem to them a waste of time.

    • I’d let them congregate in virtual space, where we can watch them.

      I’d also make all of their phone records public. We have a right to know who talks to whom.

  9. Love this idea. They are out of touch. Would love to have seen a town hall meeting locally with some of our reps while the debt ceiling debate continued. They are all out of touch. Luther Strange, our wonderful attorney general, was quoted in the Birmingham News that we don’t have any wrongful foreclosure problems on the same day I mediated a wrongful foreclosure case for a nice settlement for my clients. Talk about out of touch.

  10. Great idea but a tad bit radical. Remember that DC employs are tremendous amount of people which I believe is the major stumbling block on mking major cuts. Lobbyists are too well equipped and I’m sure they remind the politicians they have paid off that IF you cut project A your constituent area will lose XXX number of jobs. Show me a person that lost their job that voted for an incumbant?

    Where I would start is

    1. Overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission – I would then do a detailed audit and find where these justices that allowed this to pass were paid off? I’m sure off shore accounts free from US scrutiny has money waiting for these crooks to access.

    2. I would pass a law that saws no Lobbyist, Corporation Rep., Corp. Lawyer or whatever slug that intends to influence a politician is allowed to enter the city limits of Washington D.C. Any violation of this law will be an immediate 6 months in prison in a federal penitentiary.

    3. All Politicians will post 4 weeks in advance all constituent meetings. The meeting list will to identify the business purpose and who will be in attendance. This meeting when scheduled, will be sent via email to all constituents that request to see the Representatives calendar. All meetings will be held in federal buildings and televised. No more golf course meetings – junkets, titty bars, Gay bars etc.

    4. All new laws will be sent to the GAO and have what will be called “We the People’ impact analysis. This analysis will detail jobs impacted and corporate benefactors. This will be public record. Any proposed law that identifies a negative “WTP” impact will not move forward.

    5. All politicians salaries will be frozen. All health benefits will be straight medicare. All retirement funds will follow the current 401K guidelines that many Americans have been forced into effectively stripping away actual retirement funds. Expense accounts will be reduced.

    Implement the above and I’ll guarantee you’ll run the status quo out of DC. Being strapped like this will only attract people that truly want to represent the people. Once people know the payoffs have been cutoff – a new type of politician will emerge.

    The first order of business these politicians would be handed is the complete backout of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act and restore the original guidelines of the Glass-Stegall Act. Gramm, Leach and Billey should be forced to have detailed audits to discover their payoffs. Robert Rubin and Bill Clinton should be included.

  11. ladies and gentlemen… we have a solution!


  1. Have Congress go home & telecommute RT @Meryl333 An Idea for Congressional change worth considering.

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    @rockingjude Hey Jude … READ THIS > Sort of a RT @ikepigott
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    What do you Think of this idea! I like it ! >>>>(via) from @ikepigott

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    @RWBEagle Read this by @ikepigott (Very Good) Lib's, Dem's, Reb's , ….We can ALL agree w/this : )

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    Dem's , Lib's , Rep. This is something We all can agree on RT @ikepigott :

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    RT @LessaT Dem's , Lib's , Rep. This is something We all can agree on RT @ikepigott :

  7. Lessa says:

    Dem's , Lib's , Rep. This is something We all can agree on RT @ikepigott :

  8. Ike Pigott says:

    Maybe Congress could avoid violence by being in tune with constituents, if they worked from home |

  9. Ike Pigott says:

    I am about to kick off the first @ignitebham. Locked and loaded, let's hit the deck!

  10. Ike Pigott says:

    @edatpost – It's not the agencies that need relocating, it's Congress!

  11. Ike Pigott says:

    On this election day, please vote. And then let's bring Congress home PERMANENTLY |

  12. RT @ikepigott: On this election day, please vote. And then let's bring Congress home PERMANENTLY |