Owning My Links

Part of the reason I started noodling with WordPress was the ability to “own” my own site. Not have it hosted elsewhere, not beholden to anyone else’s whims and limitations. I can do what I want with the template and the look and the feel and the content. I can even move the URL around, break it, and start all over if I choose.

I’ve learned a lot of helpful things about coding along the way.

Today’s “currency” on the internet is still content, although sharing and linking are vital. You’ve probably noticed that most of the links being shared online are “shortened” links. TinyURL used to have the space to itself, and as the default shortener for Twitter it was poised to be the all-time king.

Now there are many competitors. Bit.ly is the new Twitter default, and even Bit.ly went even shorter, with J.mp. Add in ri.ms and cli.gs and is.gd, and you’re only part of the way there. Google for List of Link Shortening Services and see for yourself.

I wanted to make the move to own my own links because there are some heavy hitters moving in. Bit.ly will be offering its own custom domains for link sharing. WordPress now has WP.me, Google is trotting out Goo.gl, and Facebook will have FB.me.

My links will be at ike4.me.

That will look strange to some people, for sure – but no stranger than adj.ix or anything else that comes along. After all, we’re inclined to click on just about anything.

That’s the other motivation for me. When you see me sharing a link with http://ike4.me you’ll know where it came from. I’ve locked it down, so scammers and spammers can’t use it. It’s also a nice piece of branding, if I say so myself.

The Ike4.me domain is powered by Yourls, and is fairly easy to set up. With little technical knowledge (more than most of my friends, but far less than many who get paid for coding) I was up and running within an hour. More customizations to come.

Oh, and you can find me on Twitter at http://ike4.me/tw and on Facebook at http://ike4.me/fb.

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  2. chelpixie says:

    oooh thanks! RT @ikepigott: @chelpixie – Or, you can roll your own, have shorter links, and at a fraction of the cost: http://ike4.me/3

  3. Chel Wolverton says:

    oooh thanks! RT @ikepigott: @chelpixie – Or, you can roll your own, have shorter links, and at a fraction of the cost: http://ike4.me/3

  4. Ike Pigott says:

    @rrchapman – Oh, I understand. That's why I typically roll my own links, for trust. http://ike4.me/3

  5. Ike Pigott says:

    @BrianMcDaniel – I explain it all here: http://ike4.me/3 and http://ike4.me/url1

  6. Ike Pigott says:

    @WadeOnTweets – I am self-hosted, using YOURLS.org script. http://ike4.me/o2 and http://ike4.me/url1

  7. Ike Pigott says:

    @furnituregirl – I built mine with an open source script. read about it and see it in action: http://ike4.me/o2 and http://ike4.me/url1

  8. Alison Heath says:

    RT @ikepigott: @furnituregirl I built mine with an open source script read and see it in action: http://ike4.me/o2 and http://ike4.me/url1

  9. Ike Pigott says:

    @McNary – My reasoning about it here – http://ike4.me/3 — and a look at my bookmarklet in action here – http://ike4.me/url1

  10. Ike Pigott says:

    @ednoles – I have my own subdomain, and am running the YOURLS.org script. http://ike4.me/3 and http://ike4.me/url1

  11. Ike Pigott says:

    @ozh – Thanks! I am overdue for the 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 upgrade. Add these to your "yourls fan links." http://ike4.me/3 and http://ike4.me/url1

  12. Ike Pigott says:

    @RickWolff – Here's the how and the why: http://ike4.me/3 and http://ike4.me/url1