I have a friend who starts a new job next week. (Congratulations to her, it is a sweet gig. I am jealous.)

quality3This isn’t about her new job, though. It is about her current one.

She is writing a piece for her present employer, and called me up to pick my brain. You see, she wants it to be great, and she is reaching out to people who can give her additional insight and perspective. Several people. It was only in this conversation that I found out something better was coming her way.

There, did you catch it?

  • This is not a person who phones it in.
  • This is not a person who half-asses it.
  • This is not a person who walks away without being proud of her work.

She didn’t realize (but may now) that if I am ever called upon as a reference I have a great story to tell. That she was going extra miles on what would seem to be a rather pedestrian assignment, at a time when others would have been following their feet out the door. Honestly, the piece she is working on is could be little more than padding out the word count. But not for her.

And that is the essence of professionalism.

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