Citi Reads the Blogs

Apparently, Citicorp does a better job monitoring the blogs than some other companies I have bragged about.

They haven’t contacted me – but they are following Technorati tags. Here’s the hit from 10:06 am (CST):

Citi visit

(IP address and other information withheld)

That is a return time measured in hours. Good for you, Citi! I feel confident that if anyone were to raise a complaint, you’d at least be aware of it.

Update:  Apparently, Salomon Bros. also monitors for “Citicorp” tags.

Salomon visit

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  1. Many companies are doing this today and I think it is a great idea. I had a very, very bad experience with Dell not too long ago and blogged about it for a few days. It did not take long for Dell to contact me about my experience and try to make it right. Because of that action I have a much better appreciation for the company than I had during the time I was having problems with their support department.


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