Objective Reality, RIP

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell What do we know anymore? And how do we know it? We live in scary times. Not because of threats at every turn - we exist in the greatest era … [Continue reading]

Stop failing our kids

Apparently, the number one thing you can do in school is Fail. Not "fail," as in the lowercase meaning of "missing a standard." No, I mean "Fail," as in "make a particular grade that comes with a negative connotation." I was talking with my friend … [Continue reading]

Talking Back to the Fans

This just goes to prove that you never know who is listening in social media these days. I suppose our sensibilities would not permit the Dead Milkmen to record "Taking Retards to the Zoo" in 2015, right? pic.twitter.com/XwSF90hW6A — Erik, Just … [Continue reading]

How Podcasting Can Save America

...from the simultaneously mind-numbing and stress-inducing tedium that is our presidential process. Or maybe it can just save you from the numbing and the stress. I didn't watch the GOP debates the other day. Not Trump's prime-time glory show, … [Continue reading]

Opining on The Origin of Outrage Culture

My friend Carl Carter posed an interesting notion on Facebook, that I share here: I'm not a big scripture quoter, but reflecting on our instant collective condemnations of distant people and things we'd never hear of but for Facebook, "Matthew 7:3 … [Continue reading]

Armadillos, leprosy, and media hype

This is a disturbing headline, but not for the reason you think: If you can't read it, the text is "Armadillos cause spike in leprosy cases in Florida." The confluence of two unusual words ("armadillo" and "leprosy") makes you sit up and … [Continue reading]

Understanding Understanding

Good listening is a sign of respect. As we approach another campaign season, some thoughts. Maybe we can have more light than heat. … [Continue reading]